So. I have a problem.

It’s Karaoke by South West Trading Company, Colorway 298 (Rainbow)

The colors are GORGEOUS. That’s why I bought it, I suspect. BUT- it’s 100% wool. The only wool I have in my stash that wasn’t given to me is wool blends. You know- because I live in such a warm climate. So I think the colors caressed my eyeballs and convinced me to buy them, conveniently hiding the fiber content, so I wouldn’t balk. And I only have one ball of it. Which is where my problem comes in.

I’m making this:

Because the colors are talking to me, and I simply couldn’t resist.  Sorry about the blurry pic.

And I’m 98% sure that I will need a second ball, if I want to scarf to be a decent length.

Now- it’s not going to be MY scarf, because I would absolutely burn up wearing 100% wool, but I figured it would be something nice to give to a future swap partner who likes wool. So I checked Ravelry. The only person selling is one who cut ALL the blue out of it. Huh? Why would you remove a color and then try to sell it?

I believe the colorway is discontinued, because the closest I can find is 297, which is Playful- a brighter, lighter rainbow variegation.

The ball itself has its problems. It’s a thick/thin yarn – which you can’t tell when it’s skeined up. You just sort of run into thin pieces and then thick almost roving pieces. A lot of people have complained of breakage. I haven’t had any breakage yet, but some bits get VERY thin.


So I’m waffling about what to do. Should I finish the scarf and just stop when I run out of yarn? Should I attempt to find a second ball? Should I frog the scarf and turn it into a hot pad?

I don’t think I can just frog it and not use it at all. The colors are just too happy.