I had sooo much fun at the Stitches Market yesterday!

Well- first I had to find the place. I parked at The Mills (next door to Opryland Hotel), because the Hotel wanted $23 for me to park. And that would take away from the money I had set aside to buy yarn. So no. Then I walked past the convention center and politely bugged the crap out of any Stitches attendee that I saw, to point the way to the Market. It turned out to be past the Conservatory.

The Market is open till 6pm. What they DON’T tell you, is that they stop registration (and selling Market tickets) at 5pm. I arrived at the Registration booth at 5:02pm. But the Registration lady took pity on me and let me buy a ticket, anyway. (THANK YOU!!!!) So I had almost an hour to experience all of the lovely Market-y goodness.

First thing when you walk in, were needles and books. Books on everything imaginable. If I had known about the books- I would have brought extra money and bought a few. But I was on a mission for yarn.

I saw many hand-dyed yarns. And many hand-spun AND hand-dyed yarns. Yarn sellers– I know you are proud of your yarn, but some of it was scratchy and unpleasant to feel. It looked GREAT, but I would not necessarily want those against my body for any length of time. Perhaps they soften up after washing. I hope so. I passed on the scratchy yarns.

I did purchase a skein of Plush Worsted (Colorway: Amethyst) from Apple Tree Knits.

I have no idea what it wants to be. Maybe a baby sweater.

One of the things I definitely wanted to do, was to find A Hundred Ravens. I’ve seen their website, and the colorways are GORGEOUS, but I’m always hesitant about buying yarn online without being able to FEEL it first. (Especially since a lot of these Stitches market sellers have online shops, and some of their yarns feel like an itchy nightmare.) So I wandered over to their booth and fondled just about EVERYTHING. I am happy to report that it all feels soft and wearable, and that I probably will be giving them my paycheck sometime in the near future.

I ALMOST bought some Aesir (sportweight) Morgan Frost:

Morgan Frost
ALMOST. I had it in my hand! It looked lovely!

And then I met Helm’s Deep.
Helm's Deep

And I was in love. I had seen it before on their website, but there’s nothing like seeing it in person. It jumped off the rack, knocked the Morgan Frost out of my hand, and said TAKE ME HOME!!! (Really- how can you argue with such demanding yarn?)

And I don’t know what to do with it. I figure since it was sooo demanding about choosing me, it will be equally as demanding about what it wants to be. I do know this- Helm’s Deep IS MINE. Whatever it becomes- it will be for ME. No giving this one away.