Here you go!

Umm… Talya… what is that?

Oh! That’s a sandwich bag full of hair.

Okay… but why are you showing me a sandwich bag of hair?

Because that is what used to REGULARLY come out of my head, whenever I used to sit down and fully detangle my hair. Now, granted- I would only detangle my hair… about once every three or four months. Yeah- I hated detangling, so I would put it off again and again. Until my hair would loc up and force me into action.

That is also about the amount that was coming out in my brush, comb, and in the shower, every time I washed my hair. Seriously. It looked like I murdered a Wookie every time I washed my hair.

(Can you imagine the fortune that Chewbacca must spend on conditioner? Or did his people develop some uber conditioner that the Empire never knew about? That’s the REAL treasure, right there! Forget the Force!)

So that is a visual representation of what I want to accomplish. Healthy hair that doesn’t break off excessively. And to stop killing Wookies in the shower. Sorry, Chewie.