First off- this is not a paid review. Second- this company has good reviews on Amazon. Also- many people on YouTube seem to like it.

I picked this as the first deep conditioner of my journey, because Nature Republic is a Korean company. And it is very easy to find all over Japan. I’ve tried this hair pack two ways- just putting it on in the shower, and letting it work while I clean other parts of myself, and also with a heat cap on, letting the heat permeate the product and, in turn, my scalp. Umm… I’m not really sure what to expect, since these were the second and third times I have deep conditioned in my entire life. It wasn’t impressive. I was expecting my hair to be softer and more manageable. My hair was not soft. In fact- whatever softness that was imparted by the shampoo- it felt like the hair pack took that away. My hair also felt dry.

I’m not sure if the Black Vanilla Hair Smoothie had anything to do with that (if I was getting too much protein), or if I am maybe sensitive to Argan oil, but I was not a fan of this one. I plan to give it one more chance on Week 6 Wash Day, as I have weened myself off of using the Black Vanilla Hair Smoothie as a Styler, so this will be the real test. Then we will revisit this review with a final decision.

Now- I should mention that I am low porosity, and I have medium density hair.  Not sure if that makes a difference, but if you are in the same boat and want to give this hair pack a try- let me know if you get different results.