I was working on a gauge swatch of Cinnamon and Spice last night.  Yes, I do swatch, but only halfway.  All of that bind off and wash like you would the finished garment?  No- I don’t do that part.  But I will knit 6-8 inches and measure the middle.  Then I unravel it and use it in my project.

Look at that! For those of you who are a bit scared of variegated yarn- that’s not scary at all!  (Or maybe I’m just used to it.)

Anyway- I kind of feel like using the Lightbox for a gauge swatch is overkill. But I wanted you to see it as true to it’s actual coloring as possible.

Magneto will work up the same way.

Now I need to work up a swatch for all of them. This way- you’ll have an idea of how they look before you get them.

That’s a lot of swatches.  1 down, 36 to go.