I’m waiting for my mill order to arrive.


To keep myself occupied while I wait- I’m calculating dye percentages.  See- I want to make a dye color chart with yarn, so instead of winging it (as I have been doing)- I know exactly what the red does at 30% strength, and what it does at 60% strength.  It’s going to be a bit weird, though, as I have two different blues, and two different yellows.  So some will have minute differences, but at least I will know what yellows are interchangeable, etc.  Also, if I do the math now- I won’t have to do it later.


I also have dyes coming… and they should arrive on Saturday, but I can do my testing with the dyes I have on hand. Since I’m doing the dye chart on a 1/10th scale (10 yards of yarn per sample) – I only need 1/10th of the dye.


So… really I’m just waiting for yarn.



Update:  It’s HERE!!!! *rolls around in yarn*