I paid for someone else’s breakfast this morning. And some people might say that doing things like that is a waste of money. I don’t think so. I’ve never seen FEEDING people as a waste of money. I guess it’s because I grew up poor. I’ve had times where the only thing in the house is a jug of water, a box of evaporated milk, some bread heels, and various condiments.

My mom will say differently, but I remember looking into those empty cupboards, and having to make a syrup sandwich. (Which is very tasty, by the way.) I remember my siblings shoplifting lunch meat, spam, and those rolls of cookies. They hardly ever stole candy, because candy didn’t last very long. You were hungry again in 30 minutes. While I was usually the accomplice for that (they would put things in MY pockets, because I looked innocent)- I wasn’t actually the one stealing. I just was smart enough to NOT argue about it IN the store.

Thankfully- I haven’t been in that situation in a loooong time (and hopefully never will be again), but I know how it feels. And I also know how hard mornings are. So if I can make someone’s day just a little brighter, by giving them a free meal- that’s money well spent.