I had a grand plan. Get up 30 minutes early, leave for work 30 minutes early, and you’ll have 30 minutes to write. Ring in the start of NaNoWriMo like a pro.

Great plan, right?

My execution of said plan is flawed. I get here and I just stare at a blank page. Then one of my co-workers comes over and just starts talking… and talking… and talking. And I try to mostly ignore her, because I’m TRYING to get the creative juices to flow, but she wants interaction. And grunts and head nods are just not going to do it for her.

So I have a flaw in my plan.

I can’t write at home, because my cat is a loud, meow-y, yell-y morning person. First he wants you to get up, then feed him, then sit and love on him. And next thing you know- not only have you wasted that 30 minutes you carved out for yourself, but you’re also SOMEHOW now late for work.

And now I can’t write at work, because my coworker likes to vent. I don’t begrudge her that- it’s a hard place to work. But I need somewhere semi-peaceful to write. I can’t just sit in my car (said co-worker will find me). I can’t write after work. ¬†Too many people want too many things. And it doesn’t matter that your computer isn’t on- YOU’RE still at your desk, so you can help me, right?

I think I’m going to need to find a safe, well-lit parking spot tomorrow; where no one looks at me weird for sitting in my car. That sounds like the parking lot of McDonald’s.

Oh joy.