I have been rather quiet lately. There is a reason.

I have a secret, and I’m going to share it with you.

Are you sitting down?

Are you ready?


I want to start a yarn business.

“Well that’s not news”, you say. “You revealed a bit of that on Day 30 of your 30 Day Blogging Challenge, last month.”

And that is true. Absolutely true. However- I had a tickle of an idea, then. Now?

NOW– ideas are flooding in.

NOW– I have a tentative start date (September 2017).

NOW– I’m taking classes to do this the correct way (or at least to minimize the potential for failure).

I may have to forgo participation in NaNoWriMo this year, because I have THREE classes lined up for November. One in Creative Writing, one in Design, and one in Korean. That last one has nothing to do with the yarn business, so to speak- I’ve just become very rusty and I wanted to brush up.

And I thought I was done with having to do homework…

For now- I leave you with my VERY FIRST hand-dyed skein of yarn- dyed last Saturday.

Ladies and gentleman- I present to you:


It’s move vibrant in person, than in the photo. I need to build a lightbox to fix my ongoing lighting issues…