This is Millefiori by Berroco. It’s GORGEOUS!

The picture doesn’t even do it justice. It’s absolutely beautiful. And BONUS- it’s my favorite type of yarn – Noro-like, roving-type yarn.

I want to make all the things!

The only drawback (for me), is that it’s HAND WASH. I’m really not good with hand wash items. ¬†Either I’ll forget that it’s hand wash ONLY, or Hubby will do the laundry for me, and I’ll forget that it’s in there.

Now- there are some hand wash items that you can get away with laundering as normal. They are usually marked as hand wash, because they are hand dyed. But being that it’s a commercial company- I just don’t know. But it’s better to play it safe.

So for now- I’ll go ahead and use it for the purpose intended, and dream about a machine washable version.