I need a skein of yarn.  This is completely true – not a dream.  I ran out of Lion Brand Landscapes (Ochre colorway) exactly four rows (and a bind off) from finishing last night.  And my subconscious is VERY upset about it.

I’m not sure how the dream starts, but I end up travelling from exotic place to place, pawing through people’s WIPs, and holding a pretty sock or scarf for ransom until they tearfully promise to find me the skein of yarn I’m missing.  The thing is- I did it at least five times, to random people in five different beachy locations.  Paw through stash, find something pretty that said knitter is working on and definitely loves, hold it up in front of them, make them tearfully promise to find my yarn; and then dash away with said WIP.

Man- my subconscious is messed up.