The theory is that when they bombed the apartment (before we moved in)- they got the fleas, but not the eggs. So we have an infestation of the babies of the fleas that died. Lovely.

I feel like our pest control guy should know this. I also feel like MAYBE he told the management this, and they didn’t care. Either way- it’s just one more nail in the coffin. We are SOOO moving when our lease is up.

And apparently the vet was astounded at how smart Shadow is. Usually a cat will only put up one paw, when it’s trying to prevent you from giving it a pill. Shadow puts up both his front paws. Apparently the vet has never met a cat who uses both. It’s not news to us. Since we have to give him pills fairly regularly, to treat his Ulcerative Colitis- we’ve been fighting him for years. Or- I should say- HUBBY has been fighting him for years. I refuse to pill Shadow, as I have no desire to get bitten. I’m usually the one who gives him tuna soup afterwards.

If you’re new to Shadow news- tuna soup is basically just tuna mixed with water. It creates a tuna-flavored “gravy”. It’s just basically a good way to get some water into him, because if he’s having a fare up- he doesn’t always want to drink water. But he LOVES tuna soup. The recipe is basically 1 TABLESPOON of water per every teaspoon of tuna. Mix well so you get all that lovely tuna flavor into the water. This also works well with pretty much any wet food that doesn’t already have gravy.