Poor kitty. Kidney stones are NO JOKE.

Please help a fellow knitter!

My buddy, Ann Alger, who visited me this past April for BBQ and Knitting in the Heartland, is having an emergency yarn saleto help pay for the five-hour kidney stone surgery her sweet fur baby, Fuzzball, had yesterday.

Here’s Fuzzy when he didn’t have kidney stones.

Here’s Fuzzy’s x-ray yesterday at the vet.

imageSee where the orange arrow is pointing at the row of little white dots? That’s what 13 kidney stones stuck in a cat’surethra looks like.*

So, Fuzzy went in for surgery at 4pm and after doing another x-ray and finding MORE stones to remove, the vet finally finished at 9pm! Fifty kidney stones! Yes, that’s right, FIFTY!

Well, you can imagine how much 5 hours of surgery, the anesthesia and at least two x-rays would cost! Gads! So Ann is selling her stash yarns at bargain prices to help make…

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