Keep in mind that I bought these to be my backup set of headphones at work. I do not expect them to be perfect, but I do expect them to work NEAR their touted specifications.

Each come with instructions and a USB cable (which will work with most USB adaptor wall plugs). Two of the three came with extra ear bud covers (the black ones did not). All three had different prices, but they averaged out to $8.84 a pair.

1. HV 800 white
Specs- Charging time: 2-3 hours, music playing time: 5 hours

I received these first. It took less than an hour to charge, and they only play music for 2 hours before they need another charge. I thought that MAYBE they just need to stay on the charger longer (even though the red indicator goes out after about 30 minutes), but no amount of charging will extend the play time. The sound for music and audiobooks is fine. A little hollow, but you can stand it. Making/taking calls: People can hear you, but they also can hear EVERYTHING around you. You sound hollow and like you’re in a wind tunnel.


2. HV 800 purple
Specs- Charging time: 2-3 hours, music playing time: 6 hours

I received this one last. (Actually- less than 24 hours after I received the black one.) It took a full two hours to change, so I was optimistic about this one. The sound for music and audiobooks is a bit muffled and tinny, so I do not have high expectations about taking calls. At about 2 1/2 hours- it will just drop it’s Bluetooth connection. No explanation- the headphones are still on- they just drop connection. You can reconnect them, but they will drop it again, almost immediately.

3. HV 800 black
Specs- Charging time: >2 hours, music playing time: UP TO 8 hours

I received these second. Like the purple ones- these took two full hours to charge. The instructions for these actually bothers me the most. They seem to have almost copied the LG instructions word for word (right down to the three model numbers, which ironically- my LG is one of those model numbers). And being that these have only two buttons (the power switch, and the Play/Pause button), instead of LG’s seven- you cannot rely on the instructions to help you operate these. Luckily- I have the sparse, but more accurate instructions from the other two.

These have the LOUDEST notification messages of the three. DO NOT stick the ear buds in your ear. You’ll blow your eardrums, just from the voice telling you that the device is on… or synced… or that the battery is low. Sound is a little hollow, but better than it was for the purple ones. This one lasted two hours, before the SUPER LOUD low battery notification tried to blow my eardrums, and I had to charge them.


Of the three headphones- two came from China. One was warehoused here in the U.S., but probably also originated in China. Of the three- the purple ones are probably the best, coming in at 2 1/2 hours of play. Will I buy any of these again? Probably not. From the reviews- you get what you pay for.

I will probably hang with the white and purple ones for a couple of months, then find an older LG for cheap (less than $40) and buy those. The black ones will probably get recycled immediately. The extra loud notifications are disturbing, and I don’t want to subject anyone to that.