Day 23: If You Won The Lottery

I assume this means if I won a VERY large sum of money in the Lottery, because I’ve won $2 and $5 and $20 before. Those are easy to win.

If I won… let’s say…10 million dollars. After taxes. If I won 10 million dollars- half of it would IMMEDIATELY go into CDs and other not easily accessible, but interest-bearing bank products.

I would buy my mom and sister a house (that’s ONE house for both of them), as well as a house for me. I would probably want a farmhouse with a lot of land. I don’t particularly like neighbors, so 3 or 4 acres minimum.

I would donate some of it to my church.

I would probably buy a few incidentals, like a few more gaming systems, and maybe a car.

Finally- I would set up a scholarship fund. Not just $500 dollars here or there, but a full 4-year ride for that chosen student (as long as he/she keeps his/her grades up). I haven’t decided yet if people would apply for it, or if I would just pick people to donate to. And of course- the money for this will run out quickly, so I will need to figure out investments and things to grow the money for this fund, so it won’t run out and leave some poor student hanging.