Day 16: Thoughts on Education

I think education is very important. I think it also should be free.

Because government budget cuts in the U.S. happen most often to the elderly and the children- we often don’t have the proper resources to take care of our senior citizens or to properly educate our children. There are sooo many programs out there to buy school supplies for kids. Don’t believe me? Visit any grocery store in July or August, and you’ll see the back-to-school push, complete with the ‘donate to schools’ and ‘buy supplies for a child’ options. There is also the box tops programs, where you collect certain tops of cereals and easy-to-prepare foods, and give them to a student at school. The school then turns them in for money. Also- most teachers have to buy their own school supplies. Not just for themselves, but for their students. Do you know how many students come to class without paper? Or a pencil? Not because they forgot, but because their family just can’t afford it.

There are schools in Africa that are trying to eliminate the need for pencil and paper by getting people to donate money to buy all the students eReaders. eReaders are easier to maintain, than libraries, because regular books decay quickly in humid areas. Plus- the battery on an eReader lasts for WEEKS. The teacher can load all the books the student will need, and then the student takes it home so they can study. And because the eReaders are backlight- the student doesn’t need light (which is sometimes hard to come by). Of course- some eReaders are stolen, but for the most part- it’s a sound system.

As far as secondary education (college/university) is concerned- I believe that should be free as well. There are many countries out there (a LOT of them in Europe) who offer free secondary education to their citizens. Now that may not cover books, but it means that it is possible for ANYONE to pursue a higher education, if they choose to. And they can start their adult life free from debt.