We just moved, and I want to move again.

We’re in the same complex as before (just moved to a 2 bedroom apartment), but I just didn’t understand how low-maintenance we really are. Because when you REALLY need something, and you have to deal with our on-site management- you find out just how inept they really are.

When we moved in the first time around- we had Rachel. Lovely, organized Rachel. Well- Rachel is gone. She’s managing some other apartments by the same management company. Good for her, but I MISS Rachel. She had us in and out in less than an hour, and on the day of the move- had us in the place and doing our check-in inspection in 15 minutes flat. The woman is a wonder.

For this move- we had Gerald. Gerald kept forgetting what we had completed and what we had given him. And when it came time to move apartments- he hadn’t told us that there was information that he didn’t have, and needed to get, before we could get the keys. Communication is KEY, GERALD!

Oh, and the complex has apparently switched rental insurance companies, and expected us to know about it and to be using them. Uh- no. We’re paid up with the old company till November. Deal with it.

So- we weathered those annoyances, and finally schlepped all of our stuff over to the new place. And I hate the new place. (Oh, and did I mention that the previous tenants had FLEAS, so we had to move in a week later than intended, because they had to bomb the place?)

This apartment has roaches. It was just two (and I haven’t seen any since the first week or so), but either one of two things has happened. Either the apartment ABOVE us has roaches, and they are coming down to visit; or they were left over from the previous tenants. Neither situation is acceptable. I don’t DO roaches. Never have, thanks to my mom’s the-only-things-living-here-will-be-paying-rent attitude when I was growing up. Seriously- I wasn’t allowed a pet until I moved out of the house. No dogs, cats, ferrets, hamsters, or fish. Nothing eating and pooping, that didn’t come out of her body. PERIOD.

This apartment has spiders. Not that unexpected- our old apartment had spiders- I think it just comes with the area. But I hate spiders, and I’ve had arachnophobia since I saw the movie, then came home to find one hiding under my bed covers. (I slept on the sofa for a WEEK.) Hubby also has arachnophobia, since he did an archaeological dig in Mexico, and one of the HUGE ones fell on his head. (I don’t blame him. I probably would have set that whole forest- including myself- on fire.)

The building is not level. There are foundation cracks in EVERY SINGLE ROOM. Most have been spackled and painted over. The breezeways in between apartments also have cracks running across the concrete. No room is level because of the foundation shifts. Some have a noticeable drop. This part does not especially bother me, because there are a LOT of houses up North like this, and you kind of get used to it. It’s not dangerous in a this-home-needs-to-be-condemned kind of way; but it is JUST ENOUGH to annoy you. Especially if you want to hang pictures and have them LEVEL.

Adding to that- the ducting is off, because of the foundation shifts. So none of the runs produce enough cool air, because the air leaks out of a gazillion places, before it reaches the vent. The only vent that works correctly is the one in the living room, and that’s because the conditioning unit is directly behind that wall. So we have to sleep with our bedroom door open, if we want the bedroom to not be a sweltering hotbox. They won’t fix the ducting issue, because that would require major work, and they don’t want to pay for us to stay somewhere else while they fix it. PLUS- they’d probably have to displace EVERYONE in our building, tear it down, fix the foundation issues, and then rebuild it. I think it goes without saying that they don’t want to do THAT, either. At least we’re not in the cottage that floods every year. That’s one good thing.

Let’s see… what else… oh the door for the 2nd bedroom swings outward. Not sure why. There’s no logical reason for it, except that the hinges were placed on the outside, so that’s the way they hung the door. We have no pantry. We had to buy a bookcase to put our canned and boxed food on, and sit it in the dining area. I mentioned before that each room seems to be a little smaller than it was in the old apartment, so there is less room overall for all of our stuff.

The ice maker in our freezer keeps leaking. They fixed it once, and it worked for four days. And now it’s back to leaking. The ice maker in our old apartment worked basically 24/7, and NEVER leaked. And with it being summer, and the air conditioning being less than on par- we NEED ice!

The only saving grace of this apartment (besides the 2nd bedroom, and the decent water pressure, is the fact that we are no longer across from the Tennis/Basketball Court. The kids used to go to the Tennis Court and yell and scream till well after 10 pm (also they would dribble the basketballs in our breezeway, and it sounded like they were IN our apartment). So we have moved well away from that. The most we have to deal with, is the aftermath from the water balloon fights. Little colored bits of latex EVERYWHERE. But thankfully- the kids respect my plants and haven’t fell on or broken any of them, so I can deal with that.

So. This all amounts to the fact that we’ll be moving next summer. I hate the idea of moving, but I can’t stand the idea of staying here for more than a year.