I finished the final scarf for my ten scarf charity set last night! Some have already been given away (you know- when it wasn’t SWELTERING outside), but I can FINALLY add the yardarge towards my Accountability. So I’ll be adding a whopping 1,830 yards to my total! That will put me within 1,000 yards of my yardage bought. That’s HUGE. Pretty much- it means that I’m a mere blanket or a sweater short of matching my yardage bought. Which means that I will have knitted just as much yarn as I have bought. (Not counting any yarn I bought for swaps, because that didn’t actually go INTO my stash. It went into someone ELSE’S.)

Why does that matter? It matters to ME, because I am trying to knit my stash. Well… actually- I’m trying to replace my stash with all of my favorite yarns. But to do that- I have to knit what I have. So the charity scarves and the scrap blanket REALLY are helping in that endeavor. Yes, I may have to buy a coordinating color for a weird color in my stash that I want to get rid of, but for the most part- it’s working. And that makes me happy.

I’ll leave you with scarf #10. I wanted to work with this lovely Aqua yarn that I received in a swap, and accidentally ended up with Perry the Platypus colors. Totally unplanned.