Day 14: What’s the worst yarn/fiber that you’ve worked with and why?

I would usually say COTTON here, because although I love things made from cotton- I do not like knitting with it. It’s not at all nice to your hands.

However- the very worst fiber I’ve EVER worked with has been silk. Specifically recycled sari silk.

Now this stuff is lovely to look at, and sooo very soft. (And sooo NOT CHEAP.) BUT- it has absolutely NO GIVE (stretch) at all, and being that it’s recycled- you have to handle it with kid gloves, or it will break. It breaks sooo easily, and I’m not normally hard on yarn. I bought two skeins from The Stitchin’ Post  (they used to have yarn- they’ve been phasing it out, though), and took them home to admire and love. Then I tried to make a scarf out of them. I made it about 30 rows in, and had about 8 yarn breaks, and then I gave up. I will pet them. They will be pretty little paperweights on my desk, but I will not try to knit with them again. EVER.