Back in March I mentioned that I was working on a mystery project. I probably mentioned more than one mystery project. (I seem to recall a Jar Of Dirt being involved for one of them. *grin*)

Well- it’s past time that I reveal them.

Mystery Project #1: Season’s Change

This project is part of the birthday swap I am in. The delay for this one was due to the fact that it was sent via slow mule on a slow boat to Europe. Seriously. It took FOREVER to get to it’s destination. And even though she has not mentioned it- the postal service did finally mention that it has reached it’s destination. Yay.

If you’ll recall- this was my teaser photo:

Well- here is that photo in full color:

It still doesn’t tell you much, does it?

Well let’s do a full shot and give you a little project info.

Season’s Change (Scarf/Shawl)

Pattern: Marching Through The Looking Glass

Yarn used:
Caron Simply Soft in Lemonade (yellow)
Knit Pick’s Brava in Canary (deeper yellow)
Knit Pick’s Brava in Caution (yellow-orange)
Deborah Norville Everyday Soft in Bittersweet (orange)
Knit Pick’s Brava in Brindle (chocolate brown)
Knit Pick’s Mighty Stitch in Macaw (green)

I didn’t think I’d like this pattern at first, because I hate for my color changes to show, and this pattern is all about showing the color changes. It gives it that rustic look. It really did grow on me, though; so by the time I was working through the third color- I wanted to keep it. I almost did, because it’s a decent weight shawl, and as you know- everything mailed overseas is weight-based. But I sucked up the cost and sent it anyway. It really is lovely. I will have to make one for myself.

The pattern itself is pretty straight-forward, until you get to the bottom border. From the comments- it seemed like NO ONE understood the directions for the bottom border, so we all did our own thing. My instructions for the bottom border are included in my project notes. You can find those here: Season’s Change.

I have another mystery project in the works for another birthday swap participant. I don’t even have a picture to tease you with, but I hope to have one for Monday’s WIP check.

Mystery Project #2: Garden Rows

This one is part of a Gardening swap I was in for April. It was delayed (and may still be delayed) because the recipient is underage, and her mother did not want her to open my package until she had completed her swap obligations (she signed up for two swaps at the same time). I understand completely, but the frustration comes with knowing that someone has your package, but you have no way of knowing if they are enjoying it. *sigh*

Pattern: Diagonal Lace Scarf

Yarn Used: Aunt Lydia’s Denim Quick Crochet in Rose

It’s another Diagonal Lace Scarf, except I always knit mine lengthwise, so the diagonals lean to the left instead of right. They really are fun to make, once you get the hang of all the yarn overs and knit two togethers. This is my third one, although this one took the longest, because cotton is not all that easy on your hands. I was hoping that making it in cotton would make this one usable in the Spring and Fall (and maybe some early Summer mornings). It does have some acrylic in it (The yarn is 75% cotton and 25% acrylic), but it felt like 100% cotton while I was knitting with it. Raveled here.