Sorry about the delay. We had a lot of things going on yesterday. Mostly followup appointments with my dad. He’s still doing well, in case you were wondering.

And today- I knit through a fire drill. Now- this is not as crazy as it sounds- I went outside, stood in the parking lot, and answered to my name when it was called. But I took my knitting. They said our response time was slow. I say you need to tell us beforehand that the siren that comes with the megaphone is the fire drill signal. It’s very un-fire-like, and most of us ignored it until someone said “It’s a fire drill- go outside”. Oh, that’s what that noise is? I thought someone just had an obnoxious ringtone.

Seriously. We have several people at my job with completely obnoxious ringtones.


Anyway- on to what’s on my needles!

1. Framed

We’re still in the ‘I don’t particularly care how many projects I have on the needles’ timeframe right now, so since the yarn has been making kissy faces at me- I thought I’d play with it. ┬áIt’s going to be a scarf/shawl.


2. Travelling Monster 2016

I didn’t make the deadline for this one, so I sent last year’s monster instead. This one will be completed though. Just probably not this week.


3. Miter-y Blanket

I’m almost halfway on the left side. I need to work on this more this week, as I would like to have the whole left side completed by the next WIP Monday.


4. Crochet Bag

No progress on this one this week.


5. Flax Sweater



Scrap Blanket