So- I was thinking last night- there are LOTS of ways to cast on in knitting. Are there any other ways to “cast-on” in crochet? Because my foundation chain is absolute junk. It’s rarely loose; instead I’m usually fighting to get into a stitch. And by the time I make it through- I just don’t want to do it anymore.

So I went searching, and look what I found!

Chain-less Foundation Row

It’s a video tutorial, showing how to do a chain-less foundation row. It’s not ACTUALLY chain-less- you just create the chain as you’re creating the first row. (It combines the two.) So, for those of us who have crappy foundation chains (and for people like me who twist the chain while trying to get into them, and create some sort of abstract geometric art instead of a row) – this could be a viable option. It results in a more flexible edge, than simply chaining with a bigger hook.

It took me a few tries to get it right, but I LOVE it. It also makes it easier for me to count my stitches.  (Because how many I chain isn’t always how many I have once that first row is complete.)

And the double/triple chain-less foundations are just as easy- once you get the concept down. The trick is to learn it before your brain tells you that it’s a much too advanced concept for such a beginner.