What’s on the needles:

1. Crocheted washcloth

Practice makes perfect, right? Hubby is in awe of the tiny stitches. I’m using a 4.5mm hook. Trust me- things can get a LOT more tiny.

I’m thinking of starting this soon: Block Stitch Afghan… maybe not as an actual afghan, but to learn the technique. You know- before my brain wises up and tells me I don’t know enough crochet stitches to attempt this.

(Really, brain? I can chain. I know single, double, and triple crochet. The only thing I might need to learn is how to change colors, and if it’s possible to carry your yarn up the side, cause I really don’t fancy all of those ends..)

2. Scrap Blanket

9 squares completed, 45 to go.


3. Hubby Socks


4. Flax Sweater