I’ve been trying to learn how to crochet for three years. At least. But it never clicked for me until now.

How did it click?

Well most of it is style. I knit English Style, which means that the right needle (and thus my right hand) does most of the work. So, since a LOT of the crochet videos feature right-hand hooking- I’d be fine, right? Wrong.

Normal, right-handed crochet means tensioning your yarn with your left hand. This is foreign to me. It didn’t FEEL right. So I looked up left-handed crochet (I didn’t even know this was a thing!), in which you tension the yarn with your right hand. And that felt better.

I still need to work out my tension issues. Holding the yarn like I hold it for knitting ALMOST works. So I need to refine that technique a bit. Maybe switch dominant fingers.

And my foundation chain still looks like junk, but what do you expect?  I’m only one day old!

Why is learning to crochet so important to me?
There are many patterns that I have passed up on Ravelry, that ARE knit patterns, but that have some sort of crochet finishing (or beginning or join). And rather than figure out how to do it another way- I just skipped that pattern and went to something else.

Now I don’t have to.

Also- there are some fabulous crochet patterns out there. And lots of little adorable amigurumi animals (most amigurumi is crochet). So having even a basic knowledge of crochet opens a LOT of doors for me.

(As if I needed MORE patterns in my favorites.)