First up- an unexpected project jumped on my needles.

1. Mystery Birthday project (40% done)
I am a part of a birthday group, where we each send packages to the other members during their birthday month.  And when yours comes around- you get lots of lovely packages!  Unfortunately- I cannot show you this project, as it is destined to be part of the Birthday Game package that I will be sending off next month. And then we have to wait for the lucky birthday recipient to get it and open it. Once that happens- THEN I will show it off.

So of course- since the mystery project jumped queue- I have not worked on WIPs 2 and 3 at all.

2. Hubby Socks

Poor Hubby.

3. Flax Sweater

Poor me. 🙂


In finishing news! I finished dad’s blanket!

He likes it, but he thinks it looks a little girly. (Huh? I purposely stayed away from pinks and peaches and purples!) So next time, I’ll stick to all dark, broody colors for him. Except yellow. Because yellow is his favorite color.