I’ve seen some other blogs doing this, so I thought I will start.
Mainly just to keep my hobby lifestyle somewhat under control.

For January

I bought 8 skeins of yarn, 6 skeins of Red Heart Soft at $5.54 per skein and two skeins of ILTY at $3.66 per skein.  Also bought two books at $6.99 and $9.99 respectively. And a knitting bag at $0.99. (Yes- I’m including every knitting-related expense, even if it’s just a notebook or highlighter pen.)

I’ve only finished one project in January – a brown and white charity scarf. It’s about 269 yards.


Yeah- I have no idea how many yards of yarn I currently have in my stash, but my secondary goal this year is to equal or exceed the yardage I bring in. This will mean that I am at least making a dent into the stash I already have, instead of just adding to it.

So that’s $58.53 spent in January, plus tax (we’ll go with 10%- it’s a nice round number and is close to my State’s sales tax), which equals $64.38.

2,246 yards of yarn was bought and I knitted 269 yards (only counting finished items, not WIPs).


Not doing so good for January, but that will all even out when I finish dad’s blanket and my sweater.