On the needles:


1. Flax sweater

I’m currently 12.5 inches from cast on. I’m cautiously LOVING top-down sweaters. LOVING THEM. Seriously- the separation of sleeves from the body is GENIUS, and eliminates the concerns I have with bottom-up sweaters. (You know the whole having to attach sleeves, and the horror stories I’ve heard about having gaps and holes, and extra fabric bunching up at the join…)

I would be farther along, but yesterday’s knitting session was cut short by a bout of food poisoning. Nothing too graphic, just a lot of misery. Today continues the misery, but the stomach cramps have stopped, so at least I can start knitting again.

2. Hubby socks

Yep, still not finished. šŸ™‚


3. Dad’s blanket

I will probably switch to this being my main project, as my dad’s birthday is only 19 days away.

I leave you with Google modelling my sweater.

It’s a little baggy on him.