So this happened on Friday:

We ended up getting somewhere between 8 and 9 inches. That’s rare for my area. Extremely rare. We declare a state of emergency at anything over 2 inches. Why? Because people here don’t know how to deal with snow. If it’s not a dusting- we lose our minds!

Well- not me. My dad taught me how to drive in snow. And I will do so, if I think I can handle it. What that pretty picture does NOT show you, is that under all that is about 2 inches of ice. Snow is easy – ice is not. So I decided to NOT go into work. Yay, snow day!

So instead- I worked on my Flax. When we last spoke, I was going to rip back to the ribbing. I ended up frogging it completely and starting over. Why? Because the ribbing looked like junk. So instead of joining after the first row and working in the round- I did the ribbing flat, and joined after the first row beyond the ribbing. You can see that here:

I am currently six inches from cast on and sailing smoothly. The dangling stitch marker marks the end of the row. I also made one other change:

The white stitch markers mark the start and end of each garter panel. This way- it won’t get sneaky and start growing again. And if you can see at the far left- the purple stitch marker marks the end of the arm section. So from the dangling stitch marker, to the purple stitch marker is the right arm. And then there’s a sea of stockinette that marks the front, and then the left arm is marked by two purple stitch markers. Round that out by the sea of stockinette for the back, and we have a lovely start. I have 24 more rows until I separate the body from the sleeves. I’m excited!
And then we round up the WIPs with the other two projects:

2. Hubby Socks

Still not finished. Poor hubby toes…

3. Dad’s Blanket

I’ve started the second part!
I also think I may cast on a hat for me. I keep stealing Hubby’s Class Hat to go out and take snow pictures with. It keeps reminding me that I haven’t made one to match my main scarf yet…