As we get closer to 2016- my focus is already shifting towards the clothing items I will be knitting for myself.

Shortly before Thanksgiving, I took the time (in between grudgingly shopping for work pants) to check out the knitwear that the Kohl’s department store displayed.

You had the normal sweaters, but the vast majority of the not-quite-a-sweater/I-don’t-know-WHAT-to-call-it were very…. avant garde HIDEOUS.

A lot of them were some variation of this:

(You may want to thank for this lovely picture,
as I did not even want to touch the one I saw in the store,
let alone take a picture of it.)


I saw this in a vest, sweater, coat, poncho, scarf, and PANTS form. I kid you not. And what the non-closeup view of this thing fails to show you, is that it’s knit at a loose gauge. MEANING that up close- this thing not only looks like you skinned a muppet, but also that you skinned a muppet with the mange. *shudder*

But there were a few good examples that I could use for inspiration:

Ombre Sweater

Colorblock Sweater

and the piece de resistance:

Sweater Dress

That thing is gorgeous! But I was not about to drop $100 on it. Not when I could drop $100 on the yarn to make it!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah. It’s coming. Just not immediately. I’m headed to Stitches South in April, and I specifically signed up for a finishing class. I hate finishing, but this way I might learn some techniques to make me hate it less. And to completely rock this sweater dress when I make it.