I joined CreativeBug early this year for two reasons:

1. The classes are cheaper than Craftsy. Some classes on Craftsy I believe are worth the price. But I think around 2/3rds of the Craftsy classes are overpriced, and

2. CreativeBug is like Craftsy’s cheaper, younger sister. Still knows her stuff, but isn’t as full of herself.

(I also know some designers who don’t like Craftsy’s business model as far as patterns are concerned.)

Both cover the same types of crafts, but would you rather pay $12.99 (or more) for an introductory class on cake decorating or yarn dyeing, or pay 1 CreativeBug credit (which is $4.95)? I am on a month-to-month subscription, which means that every month I am charged $4.95, and I receive one credit to use towards whatever class I want. You can buy more credits if you want, at any time. Also – some classes are in parts, so they use more than one credit, but basically- one credit will get you started.

There is also the 3-month subscription ($14.85), the 6-month subscription ($29.70), and the 12-month subscription ($50).

And for a limited time- buy one 12-month subscription, and get one for youself FREE! So buy one $50 subscription for a friend, and you get one for yourself!

There is also the 2-week free trial, if you want to check the site out before you commit.

But what crafts do they cover? Knitting, crocheting, quilting, paper crafts, sewing, jewelry-making, canning, cake decorating, home decor, painting, drawing, ceramics, etc etc. Basically- if your hands are itching to do it, then you can probably find it at CreativeBug.