Spotlight # 2: Pi Shawl

Pattern: Laylock’s Shawl Shapes Cheat Sheet – Swirl Shawl

The pattern is more of a cheat sheet, than a proper pattern. It allows you to add your own special touches, while keeping the bones of a certain structure.

This was not a PROPER Pi Shawl. The name comes from the fact that the couple were getting married on Pi Day (3/14/15). And as it was made out of worsted weight yarn (and the couple lives in Southern California) – I fully expect it to serve as more of a lap blanket around the house, than as a proper shawl.

Yarn used:
-Caron Simply Soft in off-white (lists as worsted weight, but knits up as almost DK weight)
-Deborah Norville Everyday worsted in Bittersweet (orange, almost rust color)

-The recommended cast on leaves a hole in the middle. Yes- it is a small hole (and even smaller, if you use a lighter weight yarn), but I did not want a hole AT ALL. So I crocheted a foundation chain, linked it to itself, picked up around the outside of the chain, and started knitting. The result is a dense little star in the middle (no it does not look like a circle, and I’m okay with that).
-I did a tilting block pattern for the orange part. I liked it, but I probably would go with just artful yarn overs next time. Tilting blocks don’t quite tilt in the expected way on circular patterns.

What I would do differently (if I were to knit this again):
I would bind off on an increasing row, just to make the edge a little looser. Or use a different bind off. The edge still curled a bit, even though I blocked it.

Would I knit this pattern again:
As it was a cheat sheet, and not a full pattern- oh yes. I’ve seen lots of projects (on the project page) that turn it into a full blanket. I like non-standard rectangle blankets. I think they are awesomely kooky.