My principal knitting goal for 2015 is complete!

When I started back knitting in January, I told myself that I wanted to break my previous best. In 2009 I completed about nine projects (several of which are still not in Ravelry, because I gave them away, before I took pictures of them), and I wanted to do more than that this year.

(I have worked on a few things between 2009 and now, but nothing really serious – mostly miscellaneous movie knitting and very few finished objects.)

So I set my goal to finish 12 projects (which averages out to one project a month). It doesn’t matter when I started them, or how long they took to complete- I just needed to finish 12 projects.

That goal was met yesterday.

So here are the twelve projects in the order that I finished them:

1. Husband socks

They are a tiny bit too big for him (which is why I will be making him another pair), but he still wears them.

2. Pi Shawl

Given to my Hubby’s best friend’s fiancee (now wife) as a wedding gift.

3. Aubrey the Aubergine Box Monster

Tip: It is best to overstuff any stuffed toy you make. People told me that, but I didn’t do it with Aubrey. He travelled around the U.S., and came back almost half the monster he left as. Stuffing contracts and compacts. Overstuff, please.

4. Tracy’s hat

Forgot to put earflaps on this one, so I’ll have to make her another one. It’s okay. I don’t mind.

5. Father-In-Law’s Blanket

Started last year, but completed just in time for Father’s Day. He LOVES IT! Now I just need to make my MIL something…

6. Business Time Scarf

This one is mine. A nice squishy garter stitch scarf.

7. Business Time 2 Scarf

This one is Hubby’s. It’s a little shorter and wider than mine.

8. Class Hat

A test knit of a pattern to see if it would be an easy pattern for my knitting class to learn. It is. It is also Hubby’s hat to go with his scarf.

9. Helm’s Deep Scarf

My scarf! I said anything made out of the yummy Helm’s Deep yarn is MINE! I still have a hat and fingerless gloves to make!

10. Tina’s Diagonal Lace Scarf

For my Dad’s girlfriend. I think they make the cutest couple.

11. Treveon’s Baby Blanket

I LOVE this blanket! Sooo colorful.

12. Charity Scarf #1

Will be the first of hopefully MANY items given to people in need in my community.

And the extras:

Notion’s Pouch

I had an idea to make a bunch of these and felt them for my knitting class. I have since moved on from that idea, but I still made one pouch.

Stuffed Animal Scarf

After I finished the Helm’s Deep scarf- I needed to do something with my hands. This was the result.