Let’s talk about my FO (Finished Object):

Treveon’s Baby Blanket

I LOVE THIS BLANKET! It’s mostly Caron Simply Soft, and the colors are soooo fun! I swear- if I were shorter- I would keep this blanket for myself! It’s 36 inches wide by 39 inches tall. But alas- I have already delivered it to my nephew. I hope they love it.



1. Aunt Linda’s Heirloom Blanket

This one is slow going. I think critical mass burned away any love I had for it. I’m still working on it, but I can only get about four rows before I want to work on something else.

2. Washcloths

It’s amazing how cotton always looks like yarn barf until you wash it. I plan to make two more (and have a set of three). Then I’ll wash them and see if they end up looking any better. If not- who cares! They are just for my use.

3. Charity scarf

I finished the blanket, and still had a need for rainbow. So I cast on a scarf. It will probably end up being given away, but it’s pretty, so far!

4. Weasley sweater

Yeah- this one is going to be frogged. I keep thinking I’d like just a little more fitted look.