Okay. So when you last left me (3 days ago), I was midway through the foundation square for Treveon’s Blanket. Well- I have completed that square:

And… I am happy to report that I am moving right along!

I took this picture yesterday, when I was in the middle of the green. I have since completed the green and I am 2 rows into the blue. The colors are sooo vibrant and fun!

I also think I will go up to size 11s, once I’m done with the purple. (Since that will be a complete rainbow cycle.) It’s 2 feet already, but I think I will go up to at least 3 1/2 feet, because I also want him to be able to use this as a toddler. Maybe. Depends on how I feel once I get back to the red. (I started with red, so I want to end with red.)
And here are the usual suspects:

2. Aunt Linda’s Heirloom Blanket

-I’m a little farther along on this one, but that colorful baby blanket has captivated my attention! So I mainly only worked on this one to free up the cord. (I needed a longer cord for the baby blanket. That’s the drawback to working with interchangeables- you always need the cord that something else is on.)

3. Weasley Sweater