After reading this post (True Cost) by the Sweaty Knitter, I’ve really been compelled to slow down on my fast fashion consumption. Now granted I hate shopping for clothes in general, and try to do so only when I need something… but things like t-shirts never really fell into that category. Mostly because you know your size, so you can just order and order and order. I have lots of t-shirts, mostly with quirky sayings on them.

But I think I will need to change the way I view clothing. As a start to that- my knitting goal for 2016 is to knit myself 5 tops. Sweaters, cardigans, tees, tanks, shifts, shells, vests – whatever. Just knit five of them. (This small number also leaves room for other projects to be sandwiched in between. Like socks… toys… hats…) The idea is to slowly remove my reliance on fashion-driven apparel. (Most apparel is fashion-driven, why else do you see a certain type of sweater in the store one year, and you never see it again?)

I think I will slowly phase out my fast-fashion items, and satisfy my need for slogan t-shirts, by getting a button-maker. This way I can design my own buttons. I’m also thinking about doing a little screen printing…

Funny how transitioning to more hand-made items means I pick up MORE crafts. πŸ™‚

At any rate- I thought I’d state my plan, instead of waiting till New Year’s. Β Mostly because New Year resolutions are made to be broken, and I fully intend to make this a lifestyle, not just a resolution.