So I mentioned in an earlier post that I bought some yarn (3 skeins to be exact). That in itself is not unusual, as I am not on any kind of yarn diet.

I bought three skeins of Mighty Stitch by Knit Picks. It is 80% Acrylic and 20% Superwash Wool. I mainly buy acrylic yarn because I live in a warmer climate (with mild winters), and thus I cannot use much stuff with a lot of animal fibers. Animal fibers are just too warm for my area. So I usually limit myself to blends with no more than 30% animal fibers, if I have an idea to make it into something wearable. Plus- I’m lazy, and blocking acrylic is permanent, whereas blocking other fibers mostly only lasts till you wash it again.

But anyway- back to the Mighty Stitch. I bought two Macaw (green), and one Canary (yellow):

The Macaw I can use, but I bought the Canary as an accent color, and it just doesn’t fit. It’s not bright enough. The canary is a mustard yellow, with a slight split pea green tint to it, and I wanted straight, bright yellow. So I thought I could use it as demonstation yarn for my class. Well- this stuff is SOFT. Sooooo soft and lovely that I need to make it into something wearable. It needs to be worn. It’s like a hug in yarn form. Now I have many yarns that qualify as soft. Many more that qualify as baby soft. A few that qualify as comfy/relaxing-at-home soft. But this is the first time I’ve had any yarn that I would say is a hug in yarn form.

And that is probably because I don’t delve deep into animal fibers. Pure Merino lovers would probably scoff at the softness of this yarn. They are probably used to the pure cloud stuffs that they knit with on a regular basis.

At any rate- I’l probably pair the Canary with some grey yarn and make socks. Now… what to make out of the Macaw…