What I have found (in general) about my circular needle preferences are these:

  1. I need the needle to be as long as my palm. I have a few short circulars, but they make my hands hurt if the needles aren’t at least as long as my palm. It’s probably the way I grip them. It doesn’t matter what size- as long as they are as long as my palm- I don’t generally have a problem with my hands hurting. So I don’t use the short ones any more. (I probably should give these away.)
  2. I need the join to be smooth. It doesn’t matter much if I can feel the join with my hands- if it snags the yarn- I don’t like it. I have a few pairs of cheap needles that snag right where the join is. Guess I should give those away, too.
    1. Conversely- I have a pair of Kollage square needles that have developed a bump right where the cable joins the needle. I can only feel the bump with my hand- it doesn’t impede the yarn at all. So they don’t bother me. I know this means that they will eventually break, and I’ll have to get a new set, but that doesn’t bother me either.
  3. I need the needles to have a little weight to them. It doesn’t matter if I’m using wood, or bamboo, or metal, or acrylic – I need a little weight. I don’t want it to feel like the needles will fly away, if I’m not holding them. I also don’t want it to feel flimsy, like I will snap them in two, if I hold them too tight.

So with that in mind, on to the reviews!

  • The first new pair of circular needles I bought this year were the Knitter’s Pride Symfonie Dreamz.

    US size 8 (5 mm), 40″ laminated birch wood fixed circular needles

    • These feel light and flimsy. They feel like I’m knitting with cheap crayons. You know how cheap crayons break easily? Yeah, that’s what these feel like. And I have heard of people snapping these brand of needles in two. So I’m not confident that I should keep them. They look pretty, but that’s about it.
  • The next needles I bought were Knit Picks Caspian.

    US size 8 (5 mm), 40″ laminated birch wood interchangeable circular needles

    • I was buying yarn ANYWAY, and Knit Picks was having a deal on the one needle, so I thought I’d try it out. Plus the teal wood looks sooo nice.  These ALMOST made the cut. When I’m knitting- when the tip rubs against the other needle- it has almost a rubbery feel to it. I don’t like that feeling. Plus- I apparently twist the needles as I knit, so the Magic Loop method is completely out. The join comes undone as I twist, but these should do okay if you’re not a needle twister. (That sounds vaguely dirty.)
  • The newest needles I bought were ChiaoGoo Red Lace.

    US size 10 (6 mm), 24″ aluminum fixed circular needles

    • I’ve heard good things about ChiaoGoo, so I wanted to take them for a spin. These are lighter than I expected them to be, but they are OH SO NICE. Nice and speedy, like I like my metal needles to be. Smooth join, and bright red cable. The cable looks pretty strong, too.
    • These are a keeper. And I want other sizes, too. Mainly the bigger sizes, but they have smaller sizes. And probably 32″ or 40″ cables, so I can Magic Loop.

Some people would say that I prefer metal over wood/bamboo (and they would be right), but I have no problems with my Clover Takumi bamboo needles. They are actually my favorite wood/wood-like needles. Nice weight to them, long needles, smooth join, and flexible cable. Perfect.

So. If you would like to try either the Knitter’s Pride Symfonie Dreamz, or the Knit Picks Caspian needles – I am willing to part with them.

All you will need to pay is shipping costs to get them to you! Drop me a line at adaisknitATgmailDOTcom, and we can work out those details. (Email address is posted that way to discourage spambots.)