This is actually probably going to be a little bit of everything post.

First off- my FOs (Finished Objects):

1. Helm’s Deep Scarf

(I’m probably going to need to block this.  The pic makes the Helm’s Deep part look smaller than the solid purple part.  But they are the same size.)

2. Helm’s Deep LITTLE Scarf (and my fabulous model – Purple Bunny!)

Current WIP:

Princess Lace Wrap

That’s all that’s on my needles right now. I meant to work on this one last night, but ran out of time. So I’ll work on it tonight. So next week, you should see a different picture for this one!
Upcoming projects:
1. Hubby socks – I think I’ll need to make two pairs. Either one proper pair of socks and one pair of anklets, OR one pair of anklets and some slippers.
2. Nano Ninja  – I need to make two of these. One black and white, and one white and tan. These should be quick knits.
3. Treveon Blanket – Baby blanket. Probably alphabet blocks. Or Chevrons
4. Aunt Linda Blanket – (I’m leaning towards one of these these: 1. Eyelet Blanket and 2. Sleeping Beauty Blanket)
5. Hubby Hoodie
6. The other two Helm’s Deep items – 1 hat and 1 pair of fingerless gloves
7. Tracy hat
8. Baby cowboy set (The knit version of THIS PIC)

If I keep up my current momentum- this list should take me to the end of January to complete. I can also possibly steek three of them, so that goal that I set can still be accomplished.