So there’s the colorwork hat:

And the Business Time Scarf:

(I REALLY don’t count this one, because once I get the Gray on Thursday- this one will be DONE!)

But this one snuck in on Sunday:

The Princess Lace Wrap.  It IS on the list… it just jumped queue… I’m supposed to be starting Hubby socks, but it wanted to be done NOW. *sigh* That is one 24 row repeat.

Also- Class Swatch # 7:

It’s done, but I still have three more to do, so it counts. I really like those squares. I think they want to be a scarf later in life. Probably next year.

That’s all that’s on the needles right now! 3 1/2 lovely projects! (Cause really- it will take my less than an hour to finish the Business Time Scarf. It’s finished, it just hasn’t realized it yet. 😀 )