I have completed two more stripes on the FIL blanket. I have nicknamed it the Neverending Blanket, because I keep decreasing, but it never seems to get any quicker to complete a row (or to get to the halfway mark). Scarf knitters will recognize this as the Not-Growing part of the scarf. You know- when you’re about three feet in, and it doesn’t seem to be getting any bigger, no matter how many rows you knit? That’s where I am.

I also started the sample swatches for the class I’ll be teaching.
Garter Swatch

This is my Garter Stitch swatch (unblocked, of course). Man- I remember when it took me a week to do this much. And I did that all in one night.

The class starts in July. I think I’m going to make it a six-Saturday commitment. Then repeat the Beginner class some time in the Spring, if more people want to learn to knit; but add Advanced classes on after the Beginner ones in the Spring.

(Yes- I have a plan. Complete with Monthly Newsletter, and charity blanket squares.)

Not much more progress on the colorwork hat. I’m five rows into the pattern. Still. I meant to work on it during Hubby’s Crohn’s and Colitis 5K Walk on Saturday, but apparently- no one did a whole 5K. Due to poor planning (and construction), the mile path was not open. So they had to use the 1/2 mile path. And instead of just lapping the track a bit over six times for the 3.1 miles that a 5K is- most people just went around once or twice and called it a day. And apparently- the organizing peeps didn’t expect people to do the full 5K, because they scheduled the closing ceremonies 30 minutes after the walk started. Walking at a decent pace- a 5K should take you a bit over an hour.

So I started seeing people popping back like 5 minutes after the walk started. I didn’t think anything of it, because I figured that they were just supporting the actual walkers. And then people started leaving. ???? And then- just as I was settling in and had taken out my knitting- up pops the husband. And he was the LAST one to come back. He did most of the 5K, and did FAR more than anyone else.

I’m still a little bewildered about that. We get up early. Arrive at 8:45 am. Wait for Check-In to open at 9:00 am. Check in. Wait for the start of the ceremony. Ceremony starts at 9:45. Walk starts at 10:00. Vendors disappear at 10:05. Walk ends at 10:10-ish? Closing ceremony starts at 10:30. By then- there’s like 5 runners hanging around, and we started with HUNDREDS. What was the point? If you’re just in it for the donations, then how about we skip the walk altogether?

Next year- I’m going to ask for donations for me to sit on my sofa and watch Doctor Who for six hours straight (minus bathroom breaks), while knitting. I’ll give the donations to a very worthy charity, and I’ll get to enjoy a whole afternoon of Doctor Who. And knitting. And apparently be just as productive as this walk. You’d donate to me, right?