To date I have learned how to make my own candles, soap, and POO SPRAY.
I have also found a better delivery method for fabric softener. It uses FAR less than what we used to use, and the clothes feel the same. (I have not graduated to wool dryer balls yet, knitters. It’s okay. lol)

I have also started making and freezing waffles and pancakes for future breakfasts. (They heat up just like the store-bought ones and taste better! Plus- no crazy added preservatives!) I have also started storing cookie dough for when I need it (That reminds me- I need to make a batch… I think we’re out of cookie dough.)

I think next I will try deodorant. Why? Because most commercial brands are deodorants PLUS antiperspirants. Bad combo. You never want to stop your body from perspiring (sweating). That’s like preventing a dog from panting on a hot day. It’s how he cools down, and no good will come from blocking it. Plus- I’m always complaining about how women’s deodorant always costs $1-2 more than men’s. WHY?

So what’s with this sort of health kick? Well- it’s not REALLY a health kick.
I’m thrifty (the nice way of saying CHEAP). And if I can find a cheaper alternative to things that work just as well as store-bought, then I’m a happy camper. And if I can do cheaper, AND HEALTHIER? Well that’s just a no-brainer.