So. My MIL is on a cleaning binge right now, and my hubby came home with a crocheted lapghan that used to belong to his grandmother/greatgrandmother… not sure which.

Crocheted Lapghan

I’m pretty sure it was knit in the late 60’s. (Or maybe just using 60’s era acrylic yarn). To me- this thing is hideous. I’m not a fan of granny squares to begin with (although I have seen a few blankets on Ravelry that seemed to use them in unconventional ways), and this is DEFINITELY a stash blanket. As in I have a lot of leftover colors from crocheting various things, so I’m just going to stash down and put them all in a blanket. Yay, me.

Now, don’t get me wrong- with a little planning and coordinating- stashing down can create FABULOUS works of art that deserve to be on display in a museum somewhere. This is not one of those.

And this thing is already older than me (I’m certain of this), and will probably be around long after I’m dead. So I probably will wash it, inspect it for soundness, and (if the hubby doesn’t want it) we can donate it to some blanket charity. On initial quick inspection- one of the granny squares is broken. I may sew that back together. One thing is for sure- it will definitely keep someone warm.