Shh! Don’t read that sooo loud!

I’ve been working on my colorwork hat.
I’m SUPPOSED to be working on the mitred square blanket.

There are two reasons for this.

1. The colorwork hat is more portable, and it stays in my everyday tote. So it’s also more accessible. I can get 1/2 a row done on break… on the ride home… It starts to add up.

2. The blanket is getting huge, and it’s not so easy to carry around. So I can only really work on it at home.

I’m three rows into the charted design for the hat, and even the challenge of carrying three colors across the back isn’t slowing me down much. I also had a minor heart attack that I had written out the pattern wrong on Row 2 last night. And by wrong- I thought that I had miscounted that row in the pattern and added 10 extra stitches somewhere. I didn’t. I just kept skipping from 120-130 in my head as I was counting up that row on paper, so I was coming up with 150 total, instead of 140. I’m special.

I am going to put stitch markers in, so I know where the divide between the four charts are. So that will mean that I’m only counting a max of 40 stitches at a time, rather than counting the whole 140. (The chart was broken into four – three 40 stitch charts and the last one was 20 stitches. So if I put stitch markers like that- the max I will have to count back if I get lost is 40 stitches.)

Pics on WIP Monday! (They should be pretty spectacular, since that is a holiday here in the U.S. and I don’t have to work!!!)