I was recently strolling through the Your Ugliest FO thread on Ravelry, and I thought I’d share mine with you.

Moebius Scarf

It’s soo bad- it’s not even on my Ravelry project page. Not frogged, not hiding out with no picture- it just never made it there. It was made in November 2009. And there were sooo many things that went wrong with this simple little project.

#1: I bought the yarn on a whim.
It was a pretty little donut, so I bought two of them. (I need to stop doing this. This is also why I have some cream-colored thick/thin fingering weight yarn that basically looks like malformed twine. I bought it, cause it was pretty and looked interesting. And that’s when I found out that I HATE thick/thin yarn.)

-The yarn is Moda Dea. I’ve checked the yarns in Ravelry, and I can’t find this one’s name. It was something like Moda Dea Sparkle or Moda Dea Glimmer. (I’ve since lost the ball bands.) The closest one I can find in construction is Impact! Impact! also has the painted on sparkly bits like my yarn.

#2: I was forcing the yarn to be something it did not want to be.
I thought I’d take the next step in knitting and make a moebius scarf. I didn’t know how to make a moebius scarf, so I just knit until I ran out of yarn. It fought me every step of the way. It feels too flimsy to hold a proper shape of anything but the simplest of patterns.

#3: I lost the second donut mid-scarf.
*sigh* So I ran out of yarn much sooner than expected.
It’s too short. It’s almost a moebius choker.

#4: I hate finishing, so I just twisted an end, and safety pinned the ends together.
(It’s still safety pinned together.)

#5: It’s really, REALLY ugly.
The sparkly bits don’t actually sparkle…. I think black was a bad choice.
And the “gold” needs to be brighter. And maybe not painted on.

Oh and did I mention that I found the second donut? Years later it wandered back into my stash. Yes, YEARS after looking everywhere for it. IT is now sitting quietly in a sandwich bag, WITH the scarf. I’m not sure if I want to finish it properly, though. It’s still VERY ugly.

So. Which of YOUR FOs do you think are ugly?