So. This is where I am on the Helm’s Deep Hat:
Helm's Deep progress

I know- it doesn’t seem like I’m very far, but I am half a row away from starting the main colorwork pattern. So I stopped to write out the pattern.

Here is the goal:

Ignore the coloring. It’s just the words and the font. They will all be sort of one color (Helm’s Deep) against the Seraphim (light purple) background.

And here are the first five rows of the charted word written out:
Written Chart

And I have 34 more rows (140 stitches each) spread out on 10 more pages. It took a while to write out. A LONG while. But I don’t really mind. I just have to pay attention for 39 rows, then I can start decreasing. Once you start decreasing- the ride’s pretty much over!

And now it’s time for a reality break. You know the blanket I’ve been knitting for my FIL? Well… Father’s Day is coming up. Wouldn’t it be nice to finish it and give it to him for Father’s Day? Crap. I SHOULD put the fun hat aside and throw myself full throttle into the blanket. There’s only a month left until Father’s Day.

So… I will probably postpone my crazy little experiment and knit madly on my FIL blanket. *sigh* But- the quicker I finish, the sooner I can get back to my hat, right?