I worked most of the day on Saturday; then Sunday was spent running around and cooking, so not much knitting to be had this weekend. (Plus my mom thinks it’s rude to knit around her. Not sure why- maybe she’s thinks I’m not paying attention, since I’m not LOOKING at her. I don’t ask. I just wait patiently until we leave, so I CAN get back to knitting.)

Here is my current progress on my Helm’s Deep hat:

HD Front side
front side

HD Back side
and the back side.
See those lovely floats? Just beautiful. And they look pretty relaxed, so I’m happy that I’m not puckering the stitches on my hat.

So that’s about three rows. I was farther in, but I had to rip it out and start over, cause it was too small and wasn’t going to fit on my big head. 😀

Plus- we had lots of Mother’s Day fun bouncing from my mom’s house to his mom’s house. I baked a nice loaf of bread for my MIL, and we had a lovely time cutting it thick and using it as buns for the hamburgers that Hubby grilled. Sooo good. Must make a loaf for myself sometime this week.

And I’ve added two more stripes onto the FIL blanket, so that puts me round about 35%. Not fast, but still progress.

5/12/15: EDIT – LOOK LOOK LOOK!!!

I had a little time to myself last night (since Hubby is under the weather), so I worked on the hat. I’ve reached where I was last before I started over.

HD Front side 2
Front side

HD Back side 2
Back side

I estimate I have 4-5 more rows before I can actually get to my pattern. I’m sooo excited. It looks FABULOUS!!

I also want to work on Andrea’s suggestion and do a short YouTube video on colorwork. I have no idea how this is going to work… I think I’m going to need some kind of neck rig to hold my phone (aka the best camera I have right now). But I think it can be done. Just a short kind of 2-3 minute into to colorwork… I’ll think more on it, but this hat will at least be the template for what to do, so I’ll make sure to take notes.