So- I’m in love with Helm’s Deep.

It’s been on my mind all weekend. I honestly don’t remember ever being so fascinated with yarn before. So much so that I had a hard time finishing my Rib-A-Roni hat. But I did! Tada!

Rib-A-Roni Hat

And after I was done- my lovely hubby reminded me that Tracy wants ear flaps. Crap. I don’t think ear flaps go with this pattern. At ALL. So I’m going to have to do ANOTHER hat for her. Well- I have time, as this is for her (American) football season attire.

And I’m still working on the FIL mitred square blanket. That is definitely one of those ‘takes forever’ project. And while it is great mindless knitting- it’s getting too big to leave the house.

I also wound center pull balls for the Apple Tree Knits amethyst. It takes me a while to do this, because I don’t have a swift (or a straight-backed chair), so I work through hank tangles by hand. *sigh*

So back to Helm’s Deep! (Which is a WIP, despite not being on needles yet, cause it has been blocking any and everything else I need to cast on. So I’m going to have to make something with it. I think I’ll do a hat/scarf OR COWL/fingerless gloves set. The only thing is- I only have 548 yards. I will need a complementary color, if I’m going to get all three items. I think my best bet would be to go with a split-complementary color scheme for Helm’s Deep.

So my main colors are grey and a Red/Purple variant. This is a little problematic, since grey is not on the color wheel; but I just imagine it to be darker than purple. So that means the complementary mid-point between grey and red/purple is yellow/green. I’m not sure I like that, and I definitely don’t want an all white complementary color. Or all black.

So I need help.

Do I go with Canary Yellow:
Helm's Deep
Canary Yellow

Or Peapod Green (that Yellow/Green variant):
Helm's Deep
Peapod Green

Or do I do a lighter version of purple and do Seraphim:
Helm's Deep
Seraphim Purple

Or do I just throw it all out the window and do an Almond:
Helm's Deep

Oh, and any other color variant suggestions (except PINK) are fine. Why not pick? Although I’m fine with knitting pink for other people- I’m not particularly partial to it for me. I think I’ll be using Knitpicks Brava as the complementary color, so it will need to be one of those.

Any suggestions?