My favorite kntting magazines are (in order):

Knitter’s Magazine
Vogue Knitting
Knitty (online only / free!)
-Knit.1 (discontinued, but you can still get back issues at
Interweave Knits
-Knit.wear (discontinued, but you can still get back issues at

With the honorable mention going to Simply Knitting. The Alan Dart toys are absolutely precious, but being that it is a UK magazine- it is price prohibitive for me to do a subscription.

Current Subscription prices:

Vogue Knitting – $27.97 (US) / $32.97 (Canada) — Digital ONLY – $19.99
Knitscene – $24 (US) / $28 (Canada) / $31 (Int’l)
Interweave Knits – $25 (US) / $29 (Canada) / $32 (Int’l)
Creative Knitting – $24.95 (US) / $31.95 (Canada) –Digital ONLY – $19.97
Knitter’s Magazine- $24.00 –Digital ONLY- $10.99
Simply Knitting – £77.99 (about $120 US) / £53.49 (UK) / £68.99 (Europe) / £81.99 (rest of world) — WHY don’t they offer a digital subscription?!?!

There are (of course) LOADS more knitting (and also crocheting) magazines out there, but the ones I listed subscriptions for are the ones I see most often in my local bookstores/drug stores. I would like to find some Japanese knitting magazines (I hear there are a few over at YesAsia, so I will have to check that out). Speaking of Japanese kntting- did you know that the Japanese don’t distinguish between knitting and crocheting? It’s all the same thing (ami), it’s just one needle or two. This is why amigurumi just means knitted stuffed toy (or doll).

There is also amirisu, an online Japanese/English bilingual knitting magazine. You can find the patterns for each issue on Ravelry. It doesn’t particularly look to be my cup of tea, but if any of you like it, then enjoy!