What I Love

– I love bamboo yarn
– I love cute stitch markers
– I love Elizabeth Zimmerman (EZ taught me to not be afraid of things like SWEATERS and baby clothes)
– I love Barbara Walker (Her Treasury books have saved my bacon countless times. Why do ANOTHER garter stitch scarf, when you can make it all fancy?)
– I love vertically knit scarves (Seriously- 10 or 12 rows and you’re done.)

What I Hate

– Double Pointed Needles: I hate them with a blinding passion. I’m always losing them, or sticking people with them accidentally. (Yes, accidentally. I mean really- who wants blood on their yarn?) Two needles are easy to police on public transportation or in a public place. Four to five? Not so much. And I hate having to start/end small projects on them. So imagine my surprise when I found Magic Loop kitting. Almost takes the place of them. ALMOST. I still have a few. Mostly for things like making the fingers of gloves and small bits like that. But I avoid them as much as humanly possible.

– Charts: Lace Charts. Color Charts. Cable Charts. I HATE Charts.
I try to avoid them, but on things I cannot avoid- I will sit and write the instructions out. All seventy-billion lines. Because if I don’t- I will skip a row, or do a row the wrong way, or mistake one symbol for another, or skip a symbol entirely because I thought I had already completed it, etc etc etc.

– Ribbing: This is a weird one. If the ribbing IS the pattern of the project I am working on- then I’m absolutely fine with ribbing. But for the projects that have ribbing on the outer edges of scarves to keep them from rolling… or hats and sweaters where you rib just the bottom? I can’t STAND that type of ribbing. It gets on my nerves. It’s like I’m anxious to get to the pattern of the project, and the ribbing is just slowing me down.

– Maybe that’s why I also hate Finishing. As in weaving in the ends, and seaming up the sides, and attaching the arms, etc etc etc When I bind off- I want to be done! Like with simple scarves and blankets.

What I Am Afraid Of (Even though EZ says I shouldn’t be)

– Steeking is top on this list. But I will be addressing this fear later this year. I want to knit myself… well EVERYTHING; but several things in particular would be easier if I just knit it in the round and make steek stitches. Why? Because I hate finishing, so the less I have to pick up, join, weave in, sew up, button, or zip- the better.

– Color Knitting… both stranding colors and carrying colors (that includes Fair Isle and Intarsia, and all those half and half techniques). If it’s not a row by row kind of thing (straight rows of color, or slip stitching), then I fear it. Although- I have done it before. At least in a houndstooth scarf. But I don’t remember knitting the scarf at all. I remember binding it off, but the actual scarf-in-progress has escaped my memory somehow. I even knit it vertically, so I KNOW it was me, and I didn’t just nab someone else’s knitting…

BONUS: What I Have Yet To Try
Besides the things I am afraid of- I have yet to try cables. Proper cables. Not the faux cables, or cable-like patterns- I’m talking full on spans of cables. I have no fear of cables. I just have yet to find that great first project to cut my teeth on.

What about you? What are YOUR Knitting loves and fears?