I currently have two WIPs. I have a Rib-A-Roni hat for my friend Tracy that I’m about to start crown decreases on.


I also have a lap blanket for my Father-In-Law.
It’s just one huge modular diamond. (I love modular knitting!)
It looks basically like this:

Ngobe blanket

This is actually a blanket I knit for the Panamanian Ngobe natives back in 2009, but the one I am knitting is just like it, except bigger. And as a result- it is scrunched up on my needles and will not be photogenic until it is done.

I have a set of interchangeable Addi Clicks, and they tell me that I have one more WIP out there somewhere (I have a set of 11s and a cable missing), but I have no idea where. My hat is on my Kollage squares, and the lap blanket is on Addi Turbos. My brain tells me I have no other WIPS, so maybe I just have a stray set of needles that I need to find.

I have a personal goal of completing at least one project a month this year. 2009 has thus far been my most prolific knitting year- I completed ten projects that year (some never made it to my Ravelry notebook). This year I want at least twelve completed projects. And as most are not scarves (I was stuck on scarves for about six years, so I made about 5 scarves in 2009, which was quickly followed by a fingerless gloves phase.) Now- because I have knitted two FABULOUS things in as many months- I am undecided on whether I want to run with shawls or toys this year. Maybe both.

My dad is after me to make another Pi shawl (which I will gush about later), but this one for his girlfriend. And as I completely adore her- it is on my To Do list. I’ve already missed her birthday, so it may just have to be an early Christmas present. I also have an insane urge to knit something for my mother. I say insane, because she’s not a knitwear person. I guess this means I love her, because I’m always on the lookout for a pattern she might like. I do, however, remember her owning a fall coat when I was in high school that was a commercial knit and it completely rocked. If I can find a similar pattern (to modify with leaves down the front side of the collar), I will knit it and give it to her.